Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Special Project: Sentiment Flowers

    When life hands you lemons... grow a garden! I've been the chair of the Sunshine Fund to a group of 18-19 amazing educators for a few years. With 19 people, we have happy events and sometimes life happens. As one of my dear friends/colleague embarked on a long journey at the side of her mother, the day came when heaven called. I did not know my friend's mother, but I can tell you that she raised a beautiful, strong, and intelligent woman. Having lost a close family member myself, I remembered that in the hustle of all the events, my loneliest time was upon my return to the routine of life (a.k.a work). As inspired by my friend's journey, came a special project... sentiment flowers. Flowers met to last with kind messages from supportive colleagues to remind her all year long that she is appreciated. Once the project was completed, I made a special trip to the office to "plant the paper garden" before my colleague returned from her leave. Although not traditional flowers, these lovelies are met to be the hug you need when the dust settles. I chose to put the messages on the opposite side of the flower so that when you lift each flowers, its like a surprise! I received the most touching text message from my friend. She indeed had gone to the office first before heading to her schools and seen the flowers to cheer her up. 

    1) First, we sent an email to the group about this project and handed the "bottom" flowers to the group and others that work closely with our friend. I used the Blossom Punch (retired punch) to make the bottom flowers. Below I included other flower punches that may also work. 
    2) Each colleague was responsible to write a positive and supportive message. 
    3) Once I had all of the "bottom" flowers back, I punched smaller flowers using the Pansy Punch . I specifically picked the  2015-2017 In Color Designer Series Paper Stack for its cheerful colors. 
    4) I curled each flower using a skewer stick.
    5) I attached the top and bottom flowers using an adhesive tape runner.
    6) Last, I punched the buds to the flowers using 1/2" circle punch and glued each bud to a flower. 

Here is what I used:
1/2" Punch
Pansy Punch

Fun Flower Punch

Flower Medallion Punch
2015-17 In Color Designer Series Paper Stack
In Color 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock 
Snail Permanent Adhesive

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